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Ravel string quartet arranged for saxophone quartet (satb)

I arranged this work over a period of a few months in 2017 with no particular performance in mind. I have always loved this work and felt that there are so many beautiful lyrical moments and textures that I really wanted to have the opportunity to one day perform it. I was lucky enough to perform this with my saxophone quartet, Meraki, at the World Saxophone Congress in 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia.

suite bergamesque - Debussy arranged for saxophone quartet (satb)

I arranged this work for a Debussy inspired concert that I put on with my saxophone quartet, Meraki, in late 2018. I grew up playing Clair De Lune from the suite on piano and have such fond memories of the work that I wanted to transfer some of those ethereal vibes into a saxophone quartet context.

rapsodie for alto saxophone - debussy arranged for alto saxophone solo and saxophone quartet (satb) accompaniment

I arranged this work to perform with the amazing Perth-based saxophonist, Erin Royer and my saxophone quartet, Meraki. It was an absolutely stunning opportunity to perform with such a strong and powerful soloist, and the work absolutely lends itself to the intensity of five saxophonists performing as one. The finale has a very big audience impact.

Aria - Ibert arranged for saxophone quartet

I arranged this work in 2013 and revised it in the last few years to be performed again with a new group. The work, although not technically challenging, lends itself beautiful to be performed in a saxophone quartet, and can be used as a blending exercise for new quartets to learn how to find their sound together as a group.

Bartok viola concerto arranged for alto saxophone

I have always had a love for viola and when I first listened to Bartok’s Viola Concerto when I was studying saxophone at university, I fell head first for this swirling concoction of melodies, passion and rich sounds. Selfishly I immediately wanted to be able to play it for myself. Years later, I have arranged the concerto for Alto Saxophone and have performed the work twice, once in 2016 and again in 2017.

prelude to the afternoon of a faun - debussy arranged for soprano saxophone, cello and piano

I arranged hauntingly gorgeous work for myself and a few friends. Being a classical saxophonist, I often found myself performing at one point in my life with mostly just other saxophonists. To help myself branch out of my comfort zone, I arranged this work for myself and two of my friends, one a pianist and one a cellist. Performing this piece was an absolutely divine experience, as it is such a gorgeous piece, and to hear it reimagined in this new setting gave it a new outlook I had not expected.

debussy string quartet no. 1 arranged for soprano saxophone, cello and piano

I also arranged this work for myself and the two friends I mentioned above. The powerful nature of the work brought out so much musicality and excitement from the three of us in our performances, I would recommend this work as a place to start for any new trio working together to find their sound.