Meraki Saxophone Quartet

Meraki is an award winning perth - based saxophone quartet that has a dedication to creativity and ingenuity. Bridget Cleary, Mia Vukovic, Kieran Toye and Tessa Campbell work together to bring to the community music flowing with intelligence, love, soul and power.

Bridget Cleary created the Meraki Saxophone Quartet along with friends and colleagues from Perth, Western Australia. The ensemble has been together since 2016 with a focus on creating new music, reimagining old music and relishing playing in all the musical styles available to the saxophone. 

Check out our SoundCloud where we update you with new recordings here:

new music - old music - reimagined music

Bridget Cleary - Soprano Saxophone

Mia Vukovic - Alto Saxophone

Kieran Toye - Tenor Saxophone

Tessa Campbell - Baritone Saxophone